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Hello! This is an art blog! Please feel free to check the links below for my Pixiv art gallery and my Redbubble shop!
Commission info will be available shortly.

Month of Peach t-shirts and other product now available on Redbubble.
In honor of the ‘Month of Peach’ declared by Nintendo, I drew everyone’s favorite princess.
“Eternal Vocal" is up on the welovefine Hatsune Miku Design Contest 2!
To rate, please create an account if you haven’t already made one prior. You will have to click the link provided in this post again to get to this submission upon creating an account.

Rating is live on welovefine!! Go rate my tshirt design, now! It requires a sign in, but, it would mean a lot to me! Rate it a 5 for me !

Hello everyone!

I’m here to tell you all that I’ve entered that welovefine Hatsune Miku Design Contest 2!! My submission, titled ‘Eternal Vocal’, will be live for rating tomorrow, August 26th! Please support me with a 5 rating!! You may need to make an account to rate but it would mean a lot to me and it takes little time! Vote for it here!

Spread it around for me! 

abstract fukawa with her hair down because she’s beautiful
I wanted to draw a little ince June 5th was declared “Draw Your Cat in a Dress Day” by beckyandfrank !!!
The dress was inspired by this dress by bobon21:
Well, I didn’t win, but here was my entry for the Anime Blast Chattanooga art contest!
I’m going to still be in the Artist’s Alley, so, I hope I catch you there!
Congrats to who won!