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Here you can find my works of art. I don't have a paypal account yet so no commissions, but you can buy merchandise with my art on it at

Streaming a Drawing Session. It’ll be Nui Harime this time!


I love Saionji so much how could I do this.
just… don’t ask.

Asks are available now!

Ahh! Kami Con is less than a week away!!
In excitement and anticipation of the con I’ve decided to release my 3rd (and last) Dangan Ronpa sticker preview, featuring main character Makoto Naegi!
The rest will premiering at Kami Con as full sets then online as 3-4 pack individual sets, so stay tuned! Cannot wait for next Friday!
Tried to practice real life and shading, especially when it comes to clothing lines.
Base pic: